Victor Stabin –  American Artist born 1954   Painter, Author, Illustrator, Doodler
Joan Morykin – Writer, Journalist, Restaurateur,  Runner

Victor Stabin and Joan Morykin purchased the old factory at 268 West Broadway in April 2004. They knew that the architecture was just so beautiful yet it was in a state of terrible disrepair with boarded up and broken windows and holes in the roofs resulting in severe water damage in major sections of the building.
Stabin and Morykin spent four years painstakingly renovating the building with a staff of talented artisans to include the current art galleries, artist studios and restaurant that has become a destination site for visitors to Carbon County.

268 West Broadway – presently the home base of the Stabin Morykin project. Built c.1850 as a wire mill (braided steel cable for the Brooklyn Bridge), and later home to a silk mill, dressmaker’s factory, and a  toy factory that  manufactured toy trains and scale models of Elvis’  Pink Cadillac.   The Building has undergone extensive renovation from its industrial origins to the present Art Gallery facilityRestaurant, and Artist Workshops.

Victor Stabin is a prolific artist whose work captures the spirit of the environment whilst inciting the illusive side of the imagination. A painter, author and well-respected illustrator, he is best known for his surreal oils that make ordinary objects and environments extraordinary, as demonstrated by his widely admired “Turtle Series” and “Fish Ferris Wheel”.

Recently, Stabin left the world of  illustration to embrace painting exclusively. He stated, “I call myself an eco-surrealist artist. My paintings transport the viewer into dreamscapes by subtly altering everyday life using other species as protagonists.”  His influences are the 20th Century Surrealists, the 19th Century Japanese watercolor print artists, Advertising Art of the 20th Century and the spirit of the Italian Renaissance.

Like Edward Hooper and Thomas Hart Benton before him, Stabin started his art career as an illustrator with credits that include nine signature stamps for the United States Postal Service, a Kiss album cover, and an enormous mural for RCA/BMG’s corporate headquarters in New York. Moreover he has produced numerous illustrations for The New York Times, Newsweek, Rolling Stone Magazine, Time Magazine, Scholastic Books, Random House, and the like. His work and writing can be seen at his website as well as on his blog post.

He has taught at the School of Visual Arts. He lives in Jim Thorpe, PA with his wife, Joan, and their two left-handed (like Daddy) and artistic daughters Skyler J and Arielle Eve.

Joan Morykin Prior to moving to Jim Thorpe, Joan was the Director of Internet Systems Development for Reuters in New York City and was responsible for implementing technology solutions to automatically classify and categorize health and medical news offices in New York, London, Paris and Madrid. Before joining Reuters in 1994, Joan lived in Washington, D.C. and worked as a producer and project manager for Applied Science Associates, Inc. (ASA).

Morykin graduated from The Pennsylvania State University with a BA in Journalism and Russian Area Studies. She grew up in Pen Argyl, PA in nearby Northampton County. She is an avid runner and loves trail running in the mountains surrounding Jim Thorpe.




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